Renting From S.F. Shannon

OFFICE HOURS | SF Shannon’s small but mighty staff does its best to have the office open from 9 AM to 3:30 PM Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Before coming to the office, call 314-367-1106 to ensure we are expecting you.

No Smoking

Smoking is not allowed in our long term apartments, guest accommodations or anywhere else on the premises of any of our apartment buildings.

This policy was initiated in 2008. Our business is more than 50 years old. Some of our residents have been with us that long! If they are smokers, we have not and will not ask them to move, provided they do not smoke in their apartments or anywhere else in the building, including public hallways, lobbies, and fire escapes. Violators of this policy will be kindly asked to move.

Renting From SF Shannon

  • What Are The Requirements For Renting An Apartment From SF Shannon?

    All applicants must be at least 18 years of age, have a good current landlord reference, a good source of income and good credit. The $25.00 application fee pays for the cost of a complete credit check done through Experian. We conduct a Case Net search of each applicant.

    Smoking of any substance whatsoever is not permitted in apartments or anywhere on the premises. This prohibition includes the many smokable forms of marijuana and e-cigarettes.

  • Without A Lease, What Protection Do I Have Against Rent Increases?

    Every new resident has the guarantee of no rent increase whatsoever for a minimum of 12 months. This affords the protection against arbitrary rent increases that otherwise would be provided by a lease, while offering you the flexibility of not being bound to a one-year rental period.

  • Ways To Pay (Including The Best Way)

    Without exeption, it is always best and most secure to pay SF Shannon through your Tenant Portal. Sign up for or login to your portal here.

    On the portal, avoid fees! From your Home screen:

    —Click: Pay Now

    —On the drop-down menu, choose: Bank Account ending in ****

    This option allows FREE and secure direct transfer of funds between your bank account and ours. (This is the best way to receive your deposit refund, too.) SF Shannon never has access to your bank account information.

    SF Shannon accepts checks, money orders, and Venmo.

    On Venmo, find us @sfsfannon (yes, weird spelling. Venmo decided that, not us). If you pay via Venmo, there is a transaction fee. There is a workaround that will avoid the Venmo transaction fee. You are welcome to call the office for more details.

    SF Shannon does not accept cash for payment.

  • How Does Move-Out Work?

    Move when you want! You’re not locked in to a lease. We ask you to give us at least 30 days’ notice, as required by Missouri law. If you’re in residence less than one year, you forfeit your security deposit. A move out checklist will be sent to you upon receiving notice.

  • Do You Accept Pets?

    We accept well-behaved cats and dogs. You will be asked to sign a pet addendum and pay a $500.00 canine or feline security deposit per dog or cat. The pet security deposit is fully refundable, provided that no damage whatsoever to the property has been caused by your pet(s).

    By “well-behaved cats and dogs” we mean animals who do not cause trouble for their neighbors by (for example) barking excessively or acting in an aggressive manner. And animals who not destroy property by (for example) scratching the woodwork or using the floor as a bathroom. Such pets are not welcome in any of our apartment buildings.

    And all pets must have responsible owners/caretakers. Dogs must be walked on leashes away from the property. You must clean up after your pet and properly dispose of the feces. Any “accidents” in or around the building must cleaned up immediately.

Answers to FAQs & Maintenance Requests

  • I've Locked Myself Out.

    Oh no! Call 314-367-1106. If the office is closed, call the emergency number listed on the message service. Here's the let-in fee schedule:

    — $25 on weekdays and $50 on weekends between the hours of 7 AM and 5 PM;

    — $50 between 5 PM and 10 PM all days of the week;

    — $50 on Saturdays and Sundays between the hours of 7 AM and 10 PM;

    — $250 between 10 PM and 7 AM all days of the week.

    This fee is payable to the SF Shannon employee or representative who let you back into the apartment. Residents or vacation rental guests may add this fee to their account; SF Shannon will then reimburse the employee or representative who let you back in.

  • How Do I Clean My AC Filter?
  • I Smell Gas In My Apartment.
  • I Don't Smell Gas, But I Can't Relight My Range.
  • Ugh! The Washer (Or Dryer) Is Not Working, And/Or "Stole" My Money. How do I report this?
  • Where Do I Put My Trash & Recycling?

    On your Welcome Sheet, you will see where to put trash and recycling for your building.

    First, here is what you can recycle. Before recycling, empty liquids, rinse or wipe off food residue. Flatten cardboard.

    Do NOT leave trash or recycling in halls, stairwells, parking lots, laundry rooms, elevators or outside on the ground. SF Shannon will charge $40 per hour to clean up your trash. More severe actions may be taken if you are a repeat offender.

  • Tip #1 For Avoiding Rent Increases.

    Report leaking faucets IMMEDIATELY via your Tenant Portal.

    You live in a building that is metered for water usage. We are "shouting" about the immediate reporting of leaking faucets because your rental fee includes payment for every drop of water used.

    Turn off faucets firmly to prevent dripping water. If the faucet still drips or if your toilet is running, submit a service request immediately.

  • Tip #2 For Avoiding Rent Increases.

    Turn off the lights and air conditioning when they are not in use.

    It's your obligation to replace light bulbs when they go out. Please use a soft white, LED 60-watt equivalent or less.

    Unplug phantom electronics.

  • Don't Be Gassy.

    Never use your gas range to heat your apartment. If you are cold, let us know! We will investigate and make repairs or adjustments ASAP.

  • BEEP...BEEP...BEEP...

    This is your smoke detector, begging for attention. After you move in, it is your obligation to replace batteries in it.

    If the detector constantly beeps or makes weird sounds, submit a service request.

  • Chapter 1: Preventing Unwelcome Guests

    SF Shannon provides professional extermination services. The schedule to exterminate at your building will be on your Welcome Sheet.

    Even so, roaches and other creeps may come to visit, if you choose not to religiously adhere to the following practices:

    Keep your apartment clean.

    Check items you buy at resale stores for any types of pests.

    Don't leave windows open without screens.

    Find a way to portion pet food, so it isn’t left sitting out. Roaches love pet food!

  • Chapter 2: Preventing Unwelcome Guests

    Mice will invite themselves in through even the tiniest gap or hole. If you see gaps, holes, cracks (etc.) around windows, doors, or plumbing pipes, submit a service request. We will seal them up.

  • Chapter 3: Preventing Unwelcome Guests

    You live in a building with locked exterior doors. Keep them shut and locked at all times. Do not let anyone into the building if you don't know them.

    One of today's heartbreaking dilemmas is how to deal with unhoused individuals. If you should see a person in the building who appears not to have a home, let us know ASAP.

YAY! I got approved! I am an SF Shannon tenant, now what?

  • Move-In Next Steps

    Move in check list:

    ~Make sure you have received your Welcome letter. If not, our apologies! Call or email us: 314-367-1106 or

    ~Set up your Tenant Portal.

    ~Pay balance on your Tenant Portal before your desired move-in date.

    ~Call the office to set up an appointment to get your keys.

    ~Submit a change of address.

    ~Ask your building manager how to move your possessions in safely and easily. The manager info is in your Welcome packet.

  • Ways to Pay

    We do not accept cash.

    The best and most secure way to pay is through your Tenant Portal. Avoid all fees by choosing the e-check option. SF Shannon never has access to your banking information. You always have total control over your payments.

    You may also pay with a personal check, money order cashiers check made payable to: SF Shannon

    Mailing address:

    SF Shannon

    P.O Box 4675

    St. Louis MO 63108

    If you mail your payment, we note the date of payment when we receive it, not its postmarked date.

  • Setting Up WIFI & Cable

    All buildings are wired up for AT&T and Spectrum. If your provider needs wiring or cable lines installed, call the office.

    Dish satellites are not allowed, and will be removed.

  • For the Love of Landlords, and Your Pocketbook

    No maintenance request is too small! We love "tiny" problems. Please oh please:

    Report even the slightest dripping faucet immediately. (Wasting water is a surefire way to receive a rent increase, as your building is metered for water consumption.)

    Make sure you have screens in each of your drains. We provide these at no charge to keep hair and gunk out of the pipes.

    If you need a plumber, submit a service request ASAP. Never ever (ever ever ever) use Draino or Liquid Plumber. Drain cleaning chemicals "eat" pipes.

    Your apartment is not equipped with a garbage disposal. Dispose of food in the trash.

    Do not pour grease down drains or toilets.

    Keep your stove and oven clean and free of grease and debris that can catch fire.

    Ensure windows are closed when it is below 35 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

    When using the shower, ensure shower curtains are kept inside the tub to keep water off the floor or plaster walls.

    Check periodically under your sinks for drips. If you see even the tiniest hole, let us know. We want to fix it!

I'm Moving Out. How Do I Get My Deposit Back?

  • Give Us As Much Notice As Possible

    As soon as you know your move-out date, let us know, preferably via your Tenant Portal.

  • Move-Out Checklist

    We will send this to you as soon as you let us know you are moving. The checklist varies slightly from building to building, but generally we ask that you leave the apartment in "move-in condition":

    ___ Mop all tile, and hardwood floors

    ___ Wipe down walls

    ___ Wipe down switch plates

    ___ Remove all nails and screws

    ___ Dust ceiling fan blades

    ___ Clean windows, including tracks

    ___ Clean mini blinds

    ___ Wipe down door, frames, and knobs

    ___ Clean kitchen sink, and countertops

    ___ Wipe cabinets inside, and outside

    ___ Thoroughly clean stove, and oven

    ___ Clean refrigerator

    ___ Sanitize bathtub, shower, sink, and toilet

    ___ Clean medicine cabinet, and mirror

    ___ Replace burnt-out light bulbs

    ___ Replace batteries in smoke detectors

    ___ Clear out all your personal belongings

    ___ Remove all trash

    Yes, moving is a lot of work ~ and quicker with your favorite playlist and a cheerful attitude :-)


Vacation Rental Policies

You will see all policies described in full on the "Vacation Rental Policies" page of this site.

Payment Schedule

This payment schedule does not apply to guests reserving on Airbnb. All other guests booking more than 7 days in advance hold their reservation with a $50 down payment. Balance will be charged 7 days before arrival. Full payment required when booking fewer than 7 days in advance.

Cancellation Policy

Full refund with 8 or more days' notice. Within 7 days of arrival, cancellations are subject to a $50 processing fee. Guests who cancel within 48 hours of arrival pay a $100 processing fee. Mid-stay cancellations: With 48 hours' notice, S.F. Shannon will refund unused days.

Cleaning Fee

There is not one. 'Nuf said.

E-doc for Expectations

Upon making your reservation, you will be asked to electronically sign a document indicating your acceptance of and cooperation with SF Shannon's policies. Read what the e-doc says on the "Vacation Rental Policies" page of this site.

Leave Something Behind?

Yay! According to an old wive's tale, that means you'll be coming back. In the meantime, contact us to send it back to you. We'll ask to be reimbursed for the actual cost of packaging and shipping.

Thank You

We know that you have many lodging choices. We look forward to earning your business.